So this is for istillwannabeasailorsenshi for her super cool fan fic called White and Black

Summary: Marco Bodt assumed his life would be normal, peaceful even as he continued down his Path as a Wiccan healer. He didn’t expect an influx of business caused by black magic, or the devilishly handsome warlock named Jean Kirstein, who made said black magic. He also didn’t expect to have feelings for him, enough that he wanted to try and save him from the self destructive path Jean had put himself on. Despite having magic, life isn’t a fairytale. There’s no guarantee of Happily Ever After.

So there you have it~ I am really exited to see where this fic goes! You know, just your typical jeanmarco fanfic that rips your heart to shreds and leaves nothing left c: Well, that is left to be seen soon enough »; it only has three chapters, but it holds a lot of promise. Plus I mean come on! Wiccan Healer Marco and warlock Jean in a modern AU sounds pretty damn good : D so go read it. i command you to.

So yeah, I may have fucked up Marco. The first few chapters, I just got that Marco was fairly clean cut and had a penchant for band t-shirts, so I was like well, okay then. So I gave him a bit of nerdy chic look, assuming he was someone who owned a successful apothecary and made house calls and opted for an easy but clean fashion sense. Oh boy but chapter three proved me wrong, Mr. Pastel Jeans and green day t-shirts =________=. I am so sorry, I fucked that up royally. I tried to make it up with the last outfit, but maybe it is not pastel  emo enough. Sorry sorry sorry sorry *dies* I also have no idea if Marco would like the cure, i just kind of guessed considering that he likes Siouxsie and the Banshees.

As for mister sass master Jean, he is described as looking like a hollywood satanist poser, had it not been for the fact that he is actually good at black magic, and looks like hell most of the time. So I ran along with a grungy, street urchin  punk look. That last look….I just wanted to draw him in a large scarf and something not skinny jeans. I bet he likes to run around shirtless, but in reality he gets cold easily, the dork »;

Wow, like you can tell consistency is not my forte. But I did enjoy drawing their clothes a little to much. Anyways, stay tune for these two again with their familiars~  =_____=;;  So yeah, sorry for all the fuck ups. I am kind of a terrible terrible person. Maybe one day I will draw other snk characters that is not just jean and marco. SIGH.


SNK, and the dorks belong to Isayama Hajime.


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The Clouds

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dont..dont ship it… DONT SHIP IT…D







hey don’t worry about it, seriously. take whatever time you need to get things sorted, and don’t think sleep is ‘wasting’ time if that’s what you need to do. take care of yourself, and i hope things calm down soon, whatever is going on!
Thank you <3 Nah I am not thinking its wasting time, it just bothers me that I could use it more wisely if I weren’t so damn tired and end up sleeping when no one is looking. But seriously thank you, it means a lot to me that people actually care! 


I’m not saying my otp is perfect but mY OTP IS FUCKING PERFECT

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All about the gay trashbaby train! My name is Jean Kirschtein and I’ll be your conductor.

I was gonna wait til Red Beanie Thursday, but I’m a weeb and got too excited, so I decided to test out what I have of my Ghost Story cosplay. It’s a work in progress still (need a t-shirt instead of tank, different necklace, etc) but it’s coming along none the less.

(I also plan to do some with open chest binding for this cosplay at some point too so I can do Jean’s tattoo @w@ I’m so excited.)

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dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me



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reblogging again bc I already got some from really cute people, but it makes me unreasonably happy to read these from you SO KEEP ON SENDING THEM 


the summary


the summary


The Shiganshina Trio

[Mikasa: White Heather] [Eren: Columbine Flower] [Armin: Gladiolus]

Edited to add the meanings:

I did have specific meanings behind them! And yeah, flower meanings are kinda….all over the place, haha. The ones I had in mind are:

Mikasa: I chose the white heather because it means "protection from danger" though I liked how purple heather also means “admiration, beauty, solitude”

Eren: EREN WAS TRICKY…the plants I wanted to use ended up all being grasses without flowers, so I settled on Columbine flowers, more for their modern meaning of "anxious excitement and the strong will to win"

Armin: Armin was the one I started out with because I really liked how well the gladiolus suited him.  The meaning I chose is "strength of character, faithfulness, and honor". And because they were named after their resemblance to gladiator’s swords, I thought that suited him as well.

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They are transparent! UuU


They are transparent! UuU

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